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About Relentlessly FIIT

Lets become Relentless together

I started Relentlessly FIIT to start breaking the stigma for women that skinny is what we "should" look like and that the number on the scale is the only measurement of success. STOP, just stop! My goal is to show you why none of that is right. Strong is sexy and toned muscles on women are beautiful. Every day we are bending down, picking things up, carrying kids, and packing groceries. Those are all basic movements that pertain to lifting. Here is where we start implementing basic lifting so we can build a solid foundation for a strong and healthy life. 

Why Relentlessly FIIT

Suitable for Beginners







Macro Guidance  Client

"After having my son, it was definitely time to get back into shape and better eating habits. I've been following McKall's fitness journey for several years and I knew she was the one I needed to talk to. McKall helped me get my macro numbers were they needed to be and to make sure I was hitting those numbers. We do weekly accountability check-ins. Seriously everyone needs to do this to make sure you stay on track. It's been a huge help with her answering any questions I have and honestly the encouragement she gives  me is what fuels me to stay on track! In 2 months I am down 11 inches total so far! I'm extrememly happy I reached out to her for help!
- Jess Farley
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